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WW1 & WW2 M1886/93/16 French Lebel Epee Bayonet & Scabbard - 1916-17 Production. WW1 & WW2 M1886/93/16 French Lebel Epee Bayonet & Scabbard - 1916-17 Production. $275.00. Add to Cart. WW1 French Mle.1866 Chassepot Sword Bayonet - German Used - Superb & Original Civil War WW1 WW2 US British French Germany Austrian Swiss Russian Argentina sword fighting hunting knife sword bayonet medal badge figurine order presentation sword commemorative knife custom knife handmade knife officers sword engraved sword german bayonet fighting machete theater knife ruan French bayonets come in several styles or types to suit various purposes, and you can add different designs to your collection of antique or vintage edged tools. You will find a nice selection of inexpensive FAMAS, Berthier, and Lebel rifle bayonets for sale on eBay. Understanding how some of these designs work can help you select the authentic French bayonets that meet your specifications

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WW1/WW2 Era Model 1886/93/16 French Brass Handle Epee Lebel Bayonet Without Hook Quillon & Scabbard. BAYO 3 - 195 This is an excellent original WW1/WW2 Era French Epee Lebel Bayonet & Scabbard for the Lebel Rifle (see No.209 of The Bayonet Book By Watts & White). The cross guard block is stamped 'e7476' My friend bought beautiful bayonet that was designed to Berthier rifle. It is pattern of bayonet from 1892 (1er type). Bayonet was designed for cavalry and artilery units. I have two questions: 1) Was such bayonets used by French Army in second world war? 2) I am especially interested whether forces of Vichy Government used such bayonets. /tom Allied Bayonets of World War Ii: United Kingdom, United States and U.S.S.R., India and Australia, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Denmark and nor German Bayonets: The Regulation Pattern Sword Bayonets, 1860-1900 v. 4 Bayonet markings;: A guide for collectors American socket bayonets, 1717-1783 (Historical arms series


Converted pre war frog to hold French Lebel bayonet as used by the Germans for rear echelon troops in WWII. The cut out in the lower portion is square and not round as the reproduction ones I have, thi sis probably to be used with Czech style L shaped frog studs, while the half round cut out is for the later VZ 24 style frog stud 19th century French Gras bayonet and scabbard, with riveted brass and wooden handle, with marks and inscription to blade, length 66 cm Australian Army World War II 303 bayonet, frog & scabbard. the blade is marked Oa (orange Arsenal) & 44 & the frog is dated 1945

From top to bottom is a French Model 1874 Gras bayonet, a Belgian Model 1916 Mauser bayonet with a recycled blade of a French Gras bayonet, and a Belgian Model 1916 Mauser bayonet. Note that the original length of the recycled blade of the French Gras bayonet was reduced to match the length of the blade of the Belgian Mauser bayonet This bayonet was made to be used with the Mannlicher Berthier Artillery Carbine and is a very nice design. This is the 2nd Pattern with wood grips and with the quillon partially removed. This was due to the bayonets serial number being on the lower part of the quillon. The bayonet has a straight sword like polished blade which measures 15 3/4 long Bayonets, Swords, daggers, spears, knives, blades, armour, edged weapons, antiques. Sort by. French Model 1842/59 Sabre Bayonet . French Model 1842/59 Sabre Bayonet £295.00. Current Stock Level. Ref: 941 - WW2 Pig Sticker Bayonet No.4 MKII 'Maker Marked' £45.00. Current Stock Level. Ref: 982 - WW1 Swedish Bayonet

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WW2 Australian Owen Mk1 Bayonet & Scabbard & Frog - 1944 - Superb & Near Mint. WW2 Australian Owen Mk1 Bayonet & Scabbard & Frog - 1944 - Superb & Near Mint. $950.00 French Lebel Bayonet. $160 (approx conversion from £115) Whitworth Rifle Bayonet. $170 (approx conversion from £125) 1917 Dated Imperial German Bayonet. $120 (approx conversion from £85) No4 MK III Spike Bayonet. SOLD. American Made No4 MKII Spike Bayonet. SOLD. A BRITISH NO 5 JUNGLE CARBINE BAYONET WW2 French Bayonet - MAS 63: WW2 French MAS 63 bayonet. Cut leather hanger. Average worn and used condition. See more World Military Daggers and Knives Item # DW-13 Militaria- two late 19th century Continental bayonets, the first W K & Cie Solingen, M9770, brass mounted leather scabbard, 45.5cm long overall; and a French Mle 1874 Gras Bayonet - St. Etienne 1877 in steel scabbard, matching numerals 91432, 66cm long overall; together with two 19th century Indian tulwars, largest 92.5cm long (4) Condition Report: all slightly neglected- rust and wear to surface First- wood to handle with old hard wear Second- rust to scabbard, and cross guard Tulwars- both.

The Lebel Model 1886 rifle also known as the Fusil Mle 1886 M93, after a bolt modification was added in 1893, is an 8 mm bolt action infantry rifle that entered service in the French Army in 1887. It is a repeating rifle that can hold eight rounds in its forestock tube magazine, one round in the transporter plus one round in the chamber. The Lebel rifle has the distinction of being the first military firearm to use smokeless powder ammunition. The new propellant powder, Poudre B, was nitroc In 1916, the nine-month battle of Verdun claimed over 300,000 lives, and left more than 300,000 wounded. The field of battle is today marked by the Verdun Memorial. The most chilling place in this. france ww2. c064174 french colonial m15 adrian helmet. c080382 wwii m26 adrian infantry helmet. c023571 french wwii combat engineer m26 adrian helmet. c010566 belgium mauser 1924 bayonet and scabbard. c067367 czechoslovakian vz. 24 combat bayonet and scabbard. c064183 czech air raid protection booklet. c064283 czech.

British, German, French and other bayonets for sale from my edged weapons collection. A selection of quality, sometimes rare bayonets legally sold as collector's items and antiques, available for worldwide shipping. Full sized / additional images available upon request. British True 1842 Pattern with original Lovell catch, John Roe : £ 275 * Nice Mas 36 rifle bayonet ww2. Bayonet is in good shape. Spring is very good. There is serial number on the top. Tip is little bent but nothing major. It can be fixed, but I left it the way I found it. I will let pictures tell the story Purchase Bayonet French today! Bayonet French. Antique French - AU $1499.99. Antique French Sconce Candelabra Glaive M1816 Sword M1777 Socket Bayonet Art . Wwi French - $795.00. Wwi French Model 1886 Lebel Bayonet Scabbard Frog Hooked Quillion 20.5 Blade. French Double - $595.00

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Blade slides in and out of scabbard with no issues. The scabbard and bayonet are original made/issued set. This is the early example of the Lebel bayonet, retaining the quillon and silver alloy grips. Measures 65.5 cm overall. This was the bayonet used in conjunction with the Lebel Modèle 1886 service rifle GERMAN WWII K98 BAYONET GRIPS BLACK BAKELITE REPO. £15.95. Click & Collect. £1.95 postage. 13 watching. WWII? Militaria Turkish BAYONET & SCABBARD Springleaf Wood Handle 7855 c1935. £48.43. Was: £69.19 French WW1 / WW2 issue Lebel model 1886/35 epee bayonet in scabbard shortened in service circa 1935. £155 Silver Nickle white metal grip with release catch to the front left has French Ordnance marked cross guard with barrel ring to the top and hooked quilon to the underside used to catch an enemy's blade while bayonet fighting François Lecointre, now a general and France's Chief of the Defence Staff, led the bayonet charge. (Wikimedia Commons) After the bayonet charge, a 32-minute firefight ensued that saw one of the French hostages shot by a Bosnian sniper, the other hostage escaped, three Frenchmen killed in action and another ten wounded, along with four Serbs.

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FRANCE WW2 Alimentation, tabac et vaisselle Armes blanches / Armement Caisses Casques et coiffures Cavalerie - hyppomobile - véhicules Documents - Livres Matériel médical / Hygiène Médailles / insignes / broches Outillage Paquetage / Matériel Pièces détachées Souvenirs militaire To see our complete inventory of Great Britain & Commonwealth WW2 items Click Here. C049285 BRITISH FAIRBAIRN/SYKES FIGHTING KNIFE WITH SCABBARD. G006885 M1871 PRUSSIAN BAYONET. G000184 GERMAN CAPTURED FRENCH 1866 CHASSEPOT BAYONET AND SCABBARD. G008877 S 84/98 nA COMBAT BAYONET. G005483 IMPERIAL GERMAN MINIATURE BAYONET Details about French WW1/WW2 model 1892 Berthier Bayonet / Scabbard. 1 viewed per hour. French WW1/WW2 model 1892 Berthier Bayonet / Scabbard. Item information. Condition: Used. Price: US $180.00. Approximately AU $232.24 (including postage Make WW1 German K98 M... ~ WW1 German K98 Mauser Bayonet Dated 1905 with Steel Scabbard ~ The bayonet is complete with £ 295. Sally Antiques. 5 photos. Ref 2664. A very scarce 17th Century silver mounted English plug bayonet in leat scabbard. Bayonets. Category Blades The German bayonets were influenced by the French when they adopted bayonets. The basic rifle at the outbreak of the Great War 1914 was Mauser M1898. It was important for the Military to have equal length of rifle including bayonet as the main enemy - the French. The result was a long slender bayonet M1898

Very Scarce Bayonet Altered from French Gras ' Made: WWI / Maker: Model: 1903/14 Condition: Fine+ Qty: Price: $395 USD Greene Rifle Socket Bayonet. Item #: 20848 More Details » Original Civil War J.D.G. Marked Bayonet' Made. 1886 Early French Lebel Bayonet with Blade & Hilt Attached. £180.00. c1892 French Mannlicher Berthier 1st Pattern Bayonet. £180.00. French Chassepot M1866 Bayonet Weyersberg German Maker. £200.00. Imperial German Model 1898 aA Purchase Walking Out Bayonet. £240.00

British WW2 No.7 MK1 Sten MKV/No.4 Rifle Bayonet. ref.BY343. £195.00. details Add to Cart. Early British P1907 Quillion Removed SMLE Bayonet With Canadian Marks. Ref BY367. £175.00. details Add to Cart. Egyptian M1869 Remington Rolling Block Bayonet. BY379 German WW2 K.98 Mauser Bayonet with Scabbard Our Price: $299.99 (Out of Stock) G 3/ HK91 Bayonet complete with Scabbard Our Price: $79.99 (Out of Stock) M7 Bayonet for Colt M 16 Our Price: $79.99 (Out of Stock) M1 Garand Bayonet with Scabbard Our Price: $79.99 (Out of Stock).

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  1. French mas 36 rifle bayonet WW2. The MAS Modèle 36 was a military shooting rifle. It was first approved in 1936 by France and was intended to replace the series of rifle servers of Berner and Lebel, but it served for a long time during WW2. It was manufactured by Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne (MAS), one of several arms factories in the.
  2. The MAS Modèle 36 was a military shooting rifle. It was first approved in 1936 by France and was intended to replace the series of rifle servers of Berner and Lebel, but it served for a long time during WW2. It was manufactured by Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne (MAS), one of several arms factories in the hands of the Government in France. The MAS-36 had a 17-inch spike bayonet.
  3. WW2 German Spanish Blue Division Medal . GO4847. WW2 German Iron Cross 1st Class - L/11 . GO4850. $300.00. WW2 German NSDAP 15 Year Service Cross . GO4846. $180.00. WW2 US AAF Grouping 864th Bomb. Trng. Sqdn
  4. German Army K98 Bayonet Scabbard. £19.95. In stock. Buy Now. WW2 German Parade Knife - Nickel. £24.95. In stock. Buy Now. K98 Bayonet Frog without Strap - Black
  5. Here you will find a good selection of military items from all eras, Georgian, Victorian, WW1, WW2 and later, whether you collect bayonets, swords, daggers, military knives or militaria, there is always a choice to suit all budgets if you are a seasoned collector and looking for that Victorian Bayonet missing from your collection or a novice who is interested in collecting items, now realising.
  6. Dec 8, 2018 - FRENCH ARMY WW1 repro LEBEL M1886 bayonet frog /holder - £20.55. FOR SALE! This is a reproduction French army LEBEL M1886 bayonet frog in leather. The item is made here in the Czech Republic of top quality materials and real nice workmanship It is VERY well made and you will certainly be happy with it. It is $12.00 to ship this item anywhere 29401790665

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  1. (B49) Original French 1874 T Form Blade Bayonet and Scabbard Includes excellent reproduction frog. Price $445 plus postage (B39) Original Italian 1891/38 Bayonet and Scabbard Folding blade converted to fixed blade by the addition of a new crossguard. Price $385 plus postag
  2. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for antique french chassepot bayonet Ww1 Ww2 at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products
  3. Especializados en 3D Dental... Centro 3D. Articulador E-GENIUS; ArtiMat3D; Audio 3D; Cubeta individual personalizad
  4. French Nails. While not the most effective weapons French Nails were some of the cheapest and easiest weapons to make during the war. Made from steel stakes or unwanted bayonets, they were the simplest of knives with crude, bent handles. An early, simple, version of the French Nail. Photo Source. The bottom line was that they worked

I restore a WW2 rusty old US Bayonet. The M1 Grand Bayonet is an antique historical tool. I loved restoring this rusty knife. I hope you enjoy watching this. ITALIAN FAT 59 MARKED COMBAT FIGHTING KNIFE. EW661. » View More. $450.00. WW2 GERMAN KRIEGSMARINE OFFICERS DAGGER BY ALCOSO WITH DOUBLE ETCHED BLADE AND HANGERS. EW660. » View More. $2,200.00. WW2 BAYONET FOR THE .303 ENFIELD RIFLE French Army: Chatellerault M1924/29: 7.5x54mm: 25: 1925 - 1950s 1930s - 2006 (Gendarmerie) Fusil-mitrailleur MAC 24/29: French Army Free French Army French Foreign Legion Gendarmerie: Browning M1919A4.30-06 Springfield: 250???? - ???? French Army French Foreign Legion: Bren Gun.303 British: 30: 1940s - ???? French Army Free French Army French.

site de vente militaria online shop militaria ww1 ww2 / military antiques online sales wwI wwII / Militaria Verkauf wk1 wk2. Militaria for sale, not militaria auction. Casque / helmet / uniformes allemand german militaria casque à pointe Pickelhaube spiked helmet deutsche Stahlhelm américain US 39 45 Normandie 44 militaria 14 18 great war militaria vente selles harnachement Belge ABL ABBL AB. WW2 German K98 Bayonet 42CVL Coppel GmbH Waffenamts, for Sale. In good condition, a WW2 German K98 Bayonet, 42CVL, made by Coppel GmbH with Waffenamts. The 9 3/4 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt good, some period damage to one side of the grip. The locking pin mechanism works well Ww2 Bayonets. Trying to find Ww2 Bayonets on sale? Are you trying to find Ww2 Bayonets or relevant products? This web site features a large variety of Ww2 Bayonets, including items such as WWI, Revolutionary War, Cold War, Civil War, and many extra.Browse our comprehensive selection of WWI, or try doing a search for a particular Ww2 Bayonets with the site search

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Bayonet : First World War. At the end of the seventeenth century the French introduced the socket bayonet. This contained a sleeve fitting round the barrel and was locked into place with a slot and stud. This enabled the gun to be fired with the bayonet firmly secured in place. This type of bayonet was adopted by nearly all the Europeans armies Just found a slightly less common WWI vintage French Bayonet in decent shape so I couldnt pass it up. I am not certain of the correct French designation but this was made by Remington UMC of New York to go with their M1914 Rolling Block rifles in 8mm Lebel ordered by France early in the war. Apar.. Seller: xxxxx53 ️ (1,062) 100%, Location: Sydney, NSW, Ships to: AU, Item: 224397084432 WW2 Antique Collectable FWK-0001 French Spike Bayonet Steel Scabbard. WW2 Antique Collectable FWK-0001 French Spike Bayonet Steel ScabbardOver Length: 50CM(approx.)Blade Length:35CM(approx.)Hand Material: Steelthe Bayonet is a high imitation one, it is very like an original one

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Buy WW2 French MAS 1936 Spiked Bayonet : GunBroker is the largest seller of Bayonets Knives & Swords All: 90448309 MODEL 1886 FRENCH CRUCIFORM LEBEL BAYONET. ** NEW ** M1886 French cruciform épée Lebel bayonet. NOW £125.00. Product details Bayonets Of Wold War 1. Bayonets (baïonnette), those rather nasty pointy things on the end of a rifle were used throughout World War 1 on both the Allies and Central Powers. The Great War started on 28 June 1914 and raged on from 1914 to 1918. The war was triggered after the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his.

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WW1 FRENCH LEBEL/BERTHIER BAYONET. Quantity Image Name Price; WW1 FRENCH LEBEL BAYONET WITH HOOK with scabbard REPRODUCTIO FRANCE: CBF 246: A full harness containing magazine pouches etc. the frog holds a 1892 bayonet across the chest. The bandolier was made for the Spahis French North African Light cavalry recruited from Algeria and Morocco. This is a copy sold by IMA : Lebel 1866 : French Lebel , reproduction by Shaman: CBF 242: 1892 Berthier -- Text in Kursivschrift bezieht sich auf Artikel, die in anderen Währungen als Euros eingestellt sind und stellen ungefähre Umrechnungen in Euros dar, die auf den von Bloomberg b ITEM Davis Brothers Auction / Montana Summer Discovery Auction / WW2 French MAS Spike Bayonet. 473 WW2 French MAS Spike Bayonet. Currency:USD Category:Firearms & Military Start Price:10.00 USD Estimated At:50.00 - 75.00 USD. CURRENT BID 0.00 USD + applicable fees & taxes French Model 1892 Bayonet (MEW2213) Description: Second pattern. Fits the Berthier rifles. Scabbard has some dents. Good overall condition. Price: $125.0

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  1. French & Indian War Full Campaign 1755-1759. There are three Scenario Variants: Early French & Indian War 1755-1756. An Ambitious British Offensive 1758. French & Indian War with historical reinforcements 1755-1759. Also included is an Optional 1760 Campaign Yea
  2. Military Collectables Bayonets and Militaria. We stock a fantastic selection of military collectables including WWII Clothing, gas masks, many different Military caps and WWII Gas Mask Bags we also have Military Webbing , bayonets, army pocket knives and even hand grenades !. un-usual Militaria and Military Collectable items all in stock and.
  3. Wittmann Antique Militaria - Police Bayonets. Prior to the centralizing of the German Police forces in 1936, many Police units wore very long bayonets equipped with a clamshell crossguard; these bayonets were equipped with blades as long as 18 inches. The obverse stag grip plate was affixed with a six-sided nickel Police insignia
  4. companies was the most prolific bayonet manufacturer, producing 400,000 M1905 and 1,015,000 M1 bayonets from 1942 to 1945. Oneida, Limited (OL), Oneida, NY. This silverware company produced 150,000 M1905 and 250,000 M1 bayonets in 1942 to 1943 before converting to subcontractor work on M1 Carbine parts. Oneida produced a finely finished an
Antique Old German Germany WW1 Model 1898 Dress BayonetFrench foreign legion knifeSWEDISH M-1896 MAUSER BAYONET | Spandau Militaria ShopIndian Army in WWI - A Year of WarPosters Artwork Documents - polish infantryWWII Polish Uniform Guide - Warlord GamesWarlord GamesWW2 Militaria Collection: German ww2 medals and badges

The weight, shape and attachment of bayonets have changed throughout history in order to increase the effectiveness of the musket and the bayonet. The first use of bayonets was simply a knife stuck on the end of a musket barrel used by French hunters catching wild boar Garand bayonet by UFH 1943 in USM7 fiber scabbard, arsenal shortened to 10 spear-point blade : Fine: $175.00: Garand bayonet by UFH 1943, arsenal 10 spear point blade: Fine: $150.00: Garand bayonet by AFH in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10 blade : Very Fine: $250.00: Garand bayonet by PAL in USM7 fiber scabbard, original 10 blade : Fine. I have put together a quick reference sheet for Japanese Bayonet Markings for the Type 30 Bayonet. I would like to thank Raymond Labar and his book Bayonets Of Japan for getting me inspired to learn about the Japanese Bayonet Markings.. When you're out there and you find yourself staring at a Japanese Bayonet, hopefully these markings will help you decide if the bayonet is worth the asking.