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  1. Catalytic Converter Recycling Profitability Techniques When recycling catalytic converters it is important to make sure suppliers get the most out of their material. Suppliers can get the most out of their catalytic converter recycling endeavors by receiving the true value of their supply
  2. Recycle Catalytic Converters With The Capital Core Experts Recycle Catalytic Converters with Capital Core because we are a company you can trust. With over 20 years of combined experience among our staff in grading and processing and recycling catalytic converters
  3. Catalytic converters can contain hazardous pollutants, so it's a necessary step to ensure they can be fully recycled to the highest safety standards. Our team works diligently to ensure the safe, controlled disposal of your catalytic converter, and are happy to collect your scrap parts directly from your home or business premises

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Catalytic Converter Recycling Dallas TX Our Dallas TX customers love that they can just pick up their phone and talk directly to one of our knowledgeable Catalytic Converter buyers. No endless phone tree to get through just call we answer and give you a straight forward prices on your catalytic converters Table of Contents for Catalytic Converters: Below is a list of the most popular and common catalytic converters that are sold for scrap. We have collected some of the common brands and vehicles that have OEM cats and we have recycled before. We will continue to keep this guide updated with the latest information on catalytic converters In order to get the highest returns from recycling catalytic converters you must de-can them first. The great thing about de-canning your scrap catalytic converter shells is you can technically get it done at a low cost. All you have to do is recycle the stainless steel (S.S.) to offset the de-canning labor costs Catalytic converter recycling consists of 2 main parts: In physical and chemical recycling, the physical structure is completely risk free. In addition, the company does not need environmental permits because no chemicals are used in the physical recycling process We are fully permitted and licensed to recycle and purchase catalytic converters and offer this service on a nationwide scale. Our team are trustworthy and have a wealth of experience and knowledge of catalytic converters and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Our team guarantee the best price for your catalytic converter

cats prices; xbody: $430: gm: $350: airtube: $110: ac/thin pipe bl: $200: bl thick pipe: $380: gm medium: $270: se high grade: $950: se 6 line: $480: se medium: $430. Buyer and recycler of catalytic converters Ecotrade is a leading purchaser of spent catalytic converters and we have been recycling catalytic converters for over the last 20 years. Thus, we have built up a huge database of knowledge from which we have developed a comprehensive catalog that lists more than 20000 items, and increasing almost daily

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Surprisingly, there's a bunch of precious metals within your everyday catalytic converter. That means that your catalytic converter is potentially worth a ton of money of the black market! What should you do? The solution is simple: Recycle catalytic converter parts yourself Our company recycles scrap converters that are catalytic. We purchase these converters that are catalytic repair shops, junk yards, towing companies, dealerships and salvage yards etc. We purchase over 20,000 different types of catalytic converters to recycle. The experience is had by us to recognize the components of each of the various types. As with any mechanical device, catalytic converters will go bad. Because of the composition of catalytic converters, we recycle them for their precious metals content. Platinum, palladium and rhodium exist in trace amounts. Recycling catalytic converters is a intensive procedure, but definitely a boost to the environment Get the most from your converters at YS. We provide a few different services such as buying, processing, and cutting on assay. Have quantity but no means of getting to our location? We can pick up! Platinum, Palladium, & Rhodium are extracted from converter catalyst to be used in other industries. Market values are set by these metals SAR Metals - Online Catalytic Converter Valuations. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Got it! SAR - Specialists at Recycling, Material Recovery and Waste Management. T: 07720 091 141. E: info@sar-metals.com. Online Catalytic Converter Valuation Database. Toggle Navigation

I fumble my way through a complicated chemical extraction.Help me make videos by donating here: https://www.patreon.com/CodysLabFollow me on Facebook: https:.. We offer a variety of ways to recycle your scrap catalytic converters. Grading Our converter grading system is based on experience and data gathered over the course of many years, and continues to evolve as we learn more about the converters that are currently entering the recycling stream Why Catalytic Recycling UK? Always good and fair prices based on the current precious metal markets. We can guarantee to beat any genuine quote from buyers throughout UK Mainland. We offer flexible services to suit your business needs - you can choose how and when to sell your catalytic converters or ceramic

Catalytic converters are put through our unique processing system to thoroughly extract the PGM coated substrate from the shells. We use new technology to the industry and it is proven to be extremely effective. Compared with decanning, an outdated procedure that is still used by other catalytic converter recycling companies, our process offers. At Belanger Converter Recycling, we recycle catalytic converters, aluminum wheels, and lead acid automotive batteries at 2290 West Jeff Davis Hwy, Elkton, Kentucky 42220. We purchase catalytic converters by the piece and decanning for our customers. Call Us 877-935-0330 or 270-265-9057 Email wayne@belangerconverterrecycling.co

Expect More. We are a leader in catalytic converter purchasing and processing throughout the United States. With special access to the industry's largest and most accurate catalytic converter database, we provide our customers industry leading financial returns and transparency. We exclusively buy from businesses and individuals with a. By recycling your catalytic converters, you are doing your part to save the planet. Catalytic converters use a variety of precious metals including platinum, palladium and rhodium a significant portion of which are mined in areas with a lack of environmental protection legislation, causing significant negative environmental effects

Catalytic Converter Recycling Machines. Decanning Unit; First, the catalytic converter is separated honeycomb from the exhaust. Milling Unit: The sample from the decanning unit is brought to the desired size. Thus, the surface area is increased and it is ready to reach high chemical efficiency Processing catalytic converters in the most efficient method. Brown Recycling can process over 1000 catalytic conveters per hour with this hammer mill Catalytic converters are the essential component of the vehicle & its Recycling can serve our Mother Earth at the best level. It has numerous benefits that you have ever thought of. Preservation of Natural Resources Second-hand or useless vehicles indulge various quality of materials & catalytic converter is one of them Recycling costs are lower than ore production costs and environmental awareness can be increased because it is possible to produce more by polluting less and consuming less. Scrap catalytic converter recycling systems are so profitable.The facility amortizes itself in a very shorttimeand the invested budget is gained in a very short time

Catalytic converter recycling is a great reason to pad your wallet, but it's not the only one. Like all recycling, it can also be an effective way to protect the environment. Mining takes up a lot of resources that can put a huge strain on Mother Earth. It takes far more energy to extract metal than it does to recycle it A catalytic converter recycling process works by collecting different types of metals such as iron, aluminum, or steel in their original undamaged state. Some metals have distinct electronic charges which make them better suited for use in cars. These metals are then combined with catalysts made from a particular composite material Catalytic Converter RecyclingFast and Fuss-Free. We process, recycle and recover precious metals from an array of scrap materials but our core competency is in the recovery of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) from end-of-life catalytic converters and diesel particular filters. From logistics, sampling and analysis, through to warehousing, shipping. CATALYTIC CONVERTER RECYCLING TECHNOLOGIES Traditional De-Canning Process Equipment The closed-loop de-canning system is a purpose-built dust extraction unit which has been designed to work in conjunction with a Proses Makina catalytic converter shear Catalytic Converter Recycling production requires palladium or platinum. The oxygen sensor is the basis for the system of closed loop control of a spark ignited rich burn engine, but it is also used for diagnostics. A second oxygen sensor is mounted after the Catalytic Converter Recycling to monitor the levels of O2. On-board computer makes.

Though Alpha Recycling specializes in catalytic converters we also offer highly competitive prices for rims, starters, alternators, AC compressors, batteries, copper, aluminum, iron, brass, lead, stainless steel and more. Alpha Recycling is your national metal recycling solution for the best catalytic converter prices and grading Welcome To Reficore Catalyst Recycling. Reficore is a fully licensed company specialized in refining and recycling scrap Catalytic Converters made for cars. Our company believes in a greener future where we help reduce mining and pollution in beautiful earth, and try to make better use of what we already have by reducing environmental strain The catalytic converter in the scrap industry has become a HOT commodity. With the prices of platinum, palladium, and rhodium - the three precious metals found inside catalytic converters - soaring to an all-time high, catalytic converter recycling has become a huge part of the scrap metal industry over the last few years

Catalytic converter recycling is a process that benefits the environment greatly. However, the positive impact it has on the planet is often overlooked during discussions about the industry because the primary objective for the seller is often to earn money Let's assume that you have a pile of 500 or more old catalytic converters that you've been saving up. Let's also assume that you got them by visiting an automobile junkyard, where you used a small cutoff tool to extract them from junked cars. You have proven it. You are a capable do-it-yourselfer By recycling your catalytic converter, you limit the need to mine platinum and other precious metals. This is a big win for the environment. How to recycle a catalytic converter in a car In most cases, the easiest way to recycle a catalytic converter is to take your entire car to an automotive recycler Catalytic Converter Recycling: Importance, And Key Stages Of The Process. A catalytic converter operates as a system for purifying fuel combustion products, minimizing their toxic content. Its task is to reduce the harmful impact exhaust gases cause to the environment. A worn-out catalytic converter cannot be repaired - it should be replaced. Catalytic converter recycling is also about collecting converters from huge machines like trucks, forklifts, trains, buses, mining equipment and even generator sets. This type of recycling is a win-win solution for everyone especially the environment. Many people will earn money by having these converters cleaned for future use, so that the.

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Recycling catalytic converters is a intensive procedure, but definitely a boost to the environment. If your catalytic converter goes bad, you can earn a substantial amount of money by contacting us. We have many years of experience. In addition to putting some extra dollars in your pocket, you are helping the environment Scrap catalytic converter recycling in Mississauga & Toronto. Used catalytic converter buyer. Call us at 416-742-7887 Or email us at info@global metalsinc.com Catalytic Converter Recycling at Fulton Metals Fulton Metals is a US-based metal recycling plant located in Atlanta, Georgia. We supply large-scale metal recycling services to area businesses, including plumbers, contractors, and demolition companies. We buy and recycle pipe and other plumbing fixtures, electrical components, HVAC materials, IT and telecom items, and even residual waste from [ Catalytic Converter Recycling - All There is to Know About Recycling Catalytic Converters If you own a car then you have a surprisingly valuable bit of metal in your exhaust system. Catalytic converters perform an important function for your car and have some very prized components that can be worth a good price Recycling catalytic converters is an intensive procedure, but is also a boost to the environment. If your catalytic converter goes bad, you can earn money by contacting us and in addition to putting some extra dollars in your pocket, you are helping the environment

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Atlanta's #1 Catalytic Converter Recycler. Image Sticky February 23, 2015 Cam Wade. Blog. What Are You Getting From Your Converter Dealer? March 3, 2015 Cam Wade. All-American Core Company Auto Recycling Catalytic Converters Ford Ford Explorer Ford F250 Ford F350 No Limit Catalytics. Our Location Welcome to MG Catalytic Converter Recycle All. For a free quote, call me today 956-502-6302. I am a Buyer and Recycler of Catalytic Converters, used auto parts, and other automotive scrap materials. I Install, Remove, Buy and Sell. Catalytic Converters. 544 Huisache Circle Welcome to the first Android catalog ever created for the scrap catalytic converter recycling industry. With this app you are able to conveniently look up the value of scrap catalytic converters either by category or vehicle make. This catalog comes with over 1000 color pictures To recycle platinum from secondary resources (e.g., spent catalysts, electronic waste, jewellery) to reduce primary mining and supply risks. Large amounts of catalysts are used in the fluid catalytic cracking, residue fluid catalytic cracking, dehydrogenation, reforming and hydrogenation in petroleum refining, and petrochemical industries. Americore PGM Metal Recycling is giving top prices on Catalytic Converters and refining terms. Members. Shop. More... 501-258-9904. Log In. 0. Click Here. Auto Catalyst Recycling. Catalytic Converter Grades. Click Here. Sell Your Converters. Click Here. Toll Refining. Click Here. For All Your Catalytic Converter Needs.

Catalytic converter recycling data -Time to rethink what is possible. Auto catalyst and catalytic converter recycling reaches the data age. Published in Recycling Product News, Volume 26, Number 8. November/December 2018. In the automotive recycling world there is endless catalytic converter recycling data produced and studied by companies. In short, catalytic converter prices range from £0, to many hundreds of pounds each. And anywhere in between. A handful may exceed the £1000+ value at certain times. However, those units are very rare. Refiners test each type of catalytic converter to determine the precious metal content.Based on those findings, they can determine the value of each CAT based on the precious metal prices that. Selling Used Catalytic Converters for Recycling. Individuals can head over to our website and get the best price for their catalytic converters. QLD Catalytic Recyclers is the best place to sell the catalytic converters as we actually keep minimal profit margins. We also allow the clients to get the most out of the spare parts The catalytic converter helps to reduce airborne pollutants that could harm people as well as the environment, turning 90% of harmful emissions into less harmful gasses. A well-maintained catalytic converter improves the efficiency of your car, directly affecting its overall health and performance Catalytic Recycling, Pinxton. 646 likes · 1 was here. We buy and recycle catalytic converters. Price are fair and updated daily by precious metals prices. Fast and secure payments! Contact us for..

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Catalytic Converter Showing 6081-6096 of 6119 results Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to lo AZ Auto Air, Inc. 7425 S. Harl Avenue, #5 Chandler, AZ 85226. (480) 464-1100. Profile | Services. AZ Auto Air, Inc. at 6948 W Chandler Blvd., #2 was recently discovered under Bugatti catalytic converter recycling

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This is precisely where catalytic converter recycling experts like PGM of Texas can help minimize the need to mine precious metals, minimizing negative impacts on the environment. We are one of the largest and oldest providers of catalytic converter recycling technologies and services in the U.S, says Allen Hickman, the CEO of PGM of Texas Used and scrap catalytic converters from cars and trucks are now easy to recycle. Sell Your Converter Here. The converter is located underneath you car or truck. There may be one or two. These can clog and not be useful for the vehicles exhaust system anymore. However, they can be sold at very good prices KBI can even conduct business with international collectors of Catalytic Converters. Experience. KBI has specialized in the recovery and recycling of Platinum Group Metals from Catalytic Converters for over 35 years. This experience means KBI has the ability to quickly evaluate your converters and get you the best price for your materials Federal Autocat Recycling is a cutting edge catalytic converter recycler company driven by personnel with more than 75 years combined experience in PGM scrap recycling Catalytic converters recycling. Our business models are flexible and tailored to your needs. Find out our acceptable standards for catalytic converters. download pdf. We are always looking for: 55181852 MULTIJET. 6N0131701AA POLO / GOLF 4. 7737715 PUNTO DUE BISCOTTI. 7778743 PUNTO DUE BISCOTTI. 46433199 PUNTO 3199

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Call Today or Send Pic for Prices. Midwest Metal Recycling, pays you the highest prices for your catalytic converters. We are located in Tulsa Oklahoma and welcome catalytic converters from both Oklahoma and from anywhere in the U.S. For the best prices on Scrap Catalytic Converters Call us today at (918) 215-3078 . Learn More We buy catalytic converters. We specialize in catalytic converter recycling, and we're ready to answer any questions you may have. We have many ways to purchase your catalytic converters from single pieces to full semi loads. email a photo to nelson@prestigeautoscrapmetal.com for a quote Xino Recycling is dedicated to providing consistent high prices and customer service to all of our customers seeking to sell automotive catalytic converters January 22, 2018. In converter recycling, the best recyclers know their numbers and partner with companies that educate. Knowing key metrics about your converter loads safeguards you against potentially misleading metrics, like your average price per unit, and increases your bottom line. Every recycler looks at his or her average converter price

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Catalytic Converter Recycling. At the end of their useful life, catalytic converters are designed to be recycled. As well as recycling the regular ferrous and non-ferrous metals, our facilities enable us to extract previous minerals including platinum, palladium and rhodium Davis Recycling Incorporated. CALIFORNIA We BUY Nationally. We will come pick them up. WE BUY USED CONVERTERS ! Call 423-926-3699 Today ! California State Fla In addition to catalytic converters, we buy other classes of scrap and recycled automotive parts and raw metals. Contact us for a comprehensive list. Free from oils/fluids. Separated from brake drums and other parts. Tire, treads and stems must be removed. From cars, trucks, vehicles with gas or diesel engines About Platinum Recoveries. Platinum Recoveries has over 50 years of cumulative experience in catalyst and precious metal recycling, and are fully permitted and licensed by the Environment Agency

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CATALYTIC CONVERTER RECYCLING 2) Evaluation of your products. Pricing is based two different ways: Per-piece basis: Each Catalytic Converter is evaluated by serial number. Per-assay basis: A sample of your load of Catalytic Converters and is assessed in our in-house Assay Lab for the precious metals contents, then paid on market price Salvaging of your damaged catalytic converters is imperative to save the ecosystem from getting disrupted. Get in touch with us, and save the ecosystem and your vehicle finally without any fail. Your catalytic converters comprise valuable metals such as- palladium and platinum, and the harmful gases that need to manage by the experts Handheld XRF can help catalytic converter recyclers identify valuable platinum group metals (PGMs) in spent catalysts. In this post, we share some tips to help optimize your XRF device for accurate and fast PGM testing Our experienced team will sort your catalytic converters based on the Hensel Recycling categories - transparently, fairly and reliably. In doing so, the prices for the catalytic converters are set according to the current daily prices for precious metals.As a certified company, we adhere to all documentation required under waste legislation, as well as the transport of the material

We'll recycle them for you and write you a much bigger check than a local catalytic converter company can - and it's easy. It's not difficult or expensive to ship them to us. Call us at 800-426-2344 to find out how easy it is, and how much more money you can net from every converter you recycle Invemet S.r.l. based in Torino, ITALY. Invemet is the leading recycler of spent catalytic converters in Italy and one of the most important in Europe. Our Company is the ideal partner for car wrecking yards, garages, small and large collectors, as well as metal recycling companies,. facebook Message us or follow our catalytic converter page on Facebook! Recycle or Scrap Your Catalytic Converter Whether you are a business with dozens of catalytic converters or an individual with one, Brenner Catalytic Converter Recycling offers top market-based prices for your used converter. Converter accumulators deserve higher profits since they are the prime generators of scrap catalytic converters. As a Recycler, we respect that and lower our profit margins to push more across the table. Additional profit will help you generate capital to expand your catalytic converter recycling business The catalytic converters on some car models are worth more than others. That's because each model will carry a different composition of the various precious metals inside of it. Hybrid or Conventional; As mentioned earlier, recycling catalytic converters from hybrid vehicles will probably pay better

Catalyst Recycling in Balkan. What we do. Get price of Your Converter. What we do & Our Goals. VPMG is collecting, processing and sending to refineries catalytic converters and DPF filters. From years our cooperation with refineries gave us best prices which we can share with our clients. Our goal is to expand our business to every Balkan. Legend Smelting and Recycling has been a leader in the non-ferrous metals and catalytic converter recycling industry for nearly 40 years. We believe that the most important aspect of our business is the relationships that we develop with our customers The catalytic converter one of the most important components in your car. Commonly referred to as a cat by auto repair shops (or wreckers and recyclers), a catalytic converter is equipped between the muffler and the engine of your car. Although there is no standard shape or size for catalytic converters, they all have the same function

Catalytic Converters Recycling What Is A Catalytic Converter? A Catalytic Converter is an instrument that works to reduce toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas into less toxic pollutants. It is coated with chemical catalyst and a combination of platinum, rhodium and/or palladium which then converts the vehicle harmful emissions into non. Recycle your catalytic converter for top dollar at Merrillville Metal Recycling, which is near Lakes of the Four Seasons, IN. 219.292.485

When you are looking to sell you catalytic converter for scrap, knowing the year, make, and model is good, but so is the origin of it. If the catalytic converter you have has been replaced and you are looking to scrap the original from the vehicle, you can expect a higher price for scrap value.If you have an aftermarket catalytic converter (installed after factory construction of the vehicle. Catalytic Converter Recycling & Recovery. Palladium and Rhodium are hitting prices never seen before! Your old catalytic converters are worth more than ever! Metalico pays top prices for automotive catalytic converters, industrial catalysts, and loose honeycomb. Call Us Now send us a picture of your catalytic converter and get a price. if you like the price you can send us the converter using these five steps and we will send out you a check, paypal or better yet visit us at our company located near the ohio state fairground. one mile east of the i-71 on exit 110 on fifth ave Catalytic Converter Recycling in Indianapolis on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Waste Recycling & Disposal Service & Equipment in Indianapolis, IN Catalytic Converter Recycling All Catalytic converters are priced individually. Price for catalytic converter recycling is determined by several things, including the make, model, and year of the vehicle it came from, the platinum content, and whether or not it is an aftermarket part

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Catalytic converter recycling in Australia has reached a new level. Strong Rhodium prices and increased demand for platinum and palladium, has sent the value of scrap cat converters and DPF's sky rocketing. With so many different buyers and differences of up to a thousand dollars per cat, it is hard to know whether you're getting a good deal The catalytic converter recycling business Like most of the recycling businesses in SA the majority of buyers are just middlemen that will sell it further down the chain or export it, which is the same for most recycled material in SA. Most recyclers (glass, metal, paper etc.) are just collection points that package the material and. ‏‎Catalytic Converter‎‏ موجود على فيسبوك. انضم إلى فيسبوك للتواصل مع ‏‎Catalytic Converter‎‏ وأشخاص آخرين قد تعرفهم. يمنح فيسبوك الأشخاص القدرة على المشاركة ويجعل العالم أكثر انفتاحاً حتى يسهل التواصل Contact Us. If you have catalytic converters just lying around, call us today for collection throughout the UK. We will travel far and wide to help recycle all converters and give you a great price. When you need our service, get in touch on 07535 521139 for a fully professional service Recycle Your Spent Catalytic Converters for Cash Catalytic converters are essential to reducing pollution from vehicles with internal combustion engines. However, at some point they become clogged with pollutants, causing faulty air flow and poor engine performance Some ways you can get current prices for your catalytic converter from Rockaway Recycling are: Text us pictures of the whole cat and pictures of each end so we can see inside of it. Call us at 973-453-0759 and talk to one of our buyers. Stop by our yard ( directions) and show to our scale managers